Fit for a Pope

It seems that Pope Francis satisfied his sweet tooth during his recent trip to the Philippines:

“The Philippines Airlines flight was stocked with three flavors of Carmen’s Best Ice Cream: pistachio, malted milk and brown butter almond brittle. The makers said they would have made dulce de leche, the 78-year-old’s favorite, had they known he’d be on the jet. During his five-day Philippines trip, the sweet-toothed Pope also enjoyed sponge cake, crepes and chocolate soufflé.”

“A Bona Fide Agro-Religious Experience”

The Pope is opening up the Vatican’s farm to the public, says Jason Best:

“No doubt plenty of devout Catholics will be eager to see where the Holy Father gets his tomatoes. But at a time when a nagging wariness in both Europe and the U.S. over the ramifications of industrial-scale agriculture has spawned something of a cult for smaller, more organic farms, the farm at Castel Gandolfo would seem like heaven on earth.”