“When Are Adults Going to Take Responsibility”?

Kids are eating too much pizza, reports Katherine Martinko:

“According to a recent study published in the medical journal Pediatrics, one kid in five eats pizza every day. Pizza is the leading contributor of caloric intake for kids and teens. (For adults, the equivalent is donuts, cookies, and cake.)

“The study, which examined pizza consumption patterns among America’s youth using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 2003 and 2010, found that kids take in far more calories on days when they eat pizza – up to 84 extra calories for kids and 230 for adolescents.”

Pining for Pie

A recent survey shows that the average American eats about 6,000 slices of pizza in his or her lifetime:

“And while the raging debate over thin crust or deep dish continues, one in three of these respondents say thin is in, but others don’t really care – that is, as long as it’s pizza.”