Problems with Going Paleo

At Treehugger, Katherine Martinko questions the sustainability of the Paleo diet:

“[The] reality is that buying pastured, grass-fed meat is far more expensive than buying CAFO meat, and to maintain the sort of eat-meat-multiple-times-a-day model suggested by the paleo diet would probably push it well beyond the means of normal salaries. I guess that cost is why many paleo eaters continue to buy factory-farmed meat, which, in my opinion, defeats the purpose of pursuing the diet for health reasons.”

Caveman Cuisine

A new study debunks the Paleo diet, reports Kristina Bravo:

“At least according to a study published this week in the Quarterly Review of Biology. Researchers from Georgia State University and Kent State University say there’s not one accurate ‘Paleo diet.’

“They studied living animals’ feeding behavior and anatomical and paleoenvironmental data, and they found that although early primates had teeth unfit for many plants, they probably just ate anything that was available to them—much like bears and pigs. Cavemen who lived in the north, for instance, likely relied on a meat-heavy diet, but those near the equator probably had a plant-based diet.”