Potatoes Plus

McDonald’s has released a promotional video that shows how its french fries are made. Liz Leslie gets to the nub:

“So yes, the fries are made of real potatoes, but they pick up a few additives on their way to the drive-thru window.

“Dextrose homogenizes the color of the fries, while sodium acid pyrophosphate keeps the color from graying once frozen. The potatoes are partially fried before making it to the restaurant in a combination of canola, soybean and hydrogenated soybean oils.

“Other additives –18 if you don’t count potatoes as an ingredient — keep the fries looking and tasting consistent, as Imahara explains in a companion video.”

Unhappy Meal

McDonald’s PR nightmare continues, reports Grub Street:

“After yesterday’s news that a new French fry shortage had crippled Venezuela, forcing stores to deep-fry arepas, and reports from the day before that someone discovered a chunk of vinyl embedded in a McNugget, here’s today’s reminder of how much trouble the Golden Arches is having keeping it together: The Japanese arm of the company issued an apology yet again, this time after an investigation of a ‘foreign object’ found in a customer’s fries last month definitively revealed that the item in question was a human tooth.”

The Incredible Shrinking Menu

In light of declining sales, McDonald’s is streamlining its menu options, says Jenn Harris:

“In a statement, McDonald’s said it would simplify its current menu by offering one Quarter Pounder with cheese instead of the current four. Variations include a bacon-and-cheese burger, a deluxe Quarter Pounder and a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese.

“The company also said it would test offering one premium chicken sandwich versus three — though the current McDonald’s menu shows eight premium grilled and crispy chicken sandwiches. The company also said it would cut its snack wraps from three to one. The current menu shows seven.”