Shaping Policy

Scientists have proposed revamping the food pyramid to help tackle climate change, reports Evan Halper:

“The unexpected debate began with a suggestion by a prominent panel of government scientists: The food pyramid — recently refashioned in the shape of a dinner plate — could be reworked to consider the heavy carbon impact of raising animals for meat, they said. A growing body of research has found that meat animals, and cows, in particular, with their belching of greenhouse gases, trampling of the landscape and need for massive amounts of water, are a major factor in global warming.”

Charting a Course

Caroline Zielinski says the food pyramid is making a comeback in Australia–just in time for the holidays:

“[Nutrition Australia chief executive Lucinda Hancock] says the new pyramid design would have a ‘clear separation of the food groups, segregated into the proportions they should be consumed as part of the daily diet.’

“‘What we’re providing is a refresh of the pyramid which is based on plant-based foods, and reflects the core foods in line with the guidelines — the foundation for healthy eating which is based on science and evidence.’

“The idea behind the pyramid is to provide an enticing — and simple — visual representation of healthy eating habits.”