Crying Fowl

Fedele Bauccio takes exception to the recent foie gras ruling in California:

“Foie gras is an expensive delicacy that few people have ever even tried. I am pretty sure the epicureans celebrating the return of force-fed goose and duck liver are the same ones asking if their eggs are pasture-raised and their beef grass-finished…. Others argue that foie gras is such a tiny industry, we shouldn’t make a big deal out of it and concentrate instead on the nation’s 44 million hogs, 12.6 billion cattle, and 3.5 billion broiler chickens.

“We can — and should — do both. The bottom line is that foie gras comes from abused animals. Pretending otherwise is just a fantasy.”

Meat of the Matter

Mark Bittman says that the lifting of the foie gras ban in California is “pretty much a nonissue”:

“[Except] to point out that as a nation we have little perspective on animal welfare. To single out the tiniest fraction of meat production and label it ‘cruel’ is to miss the big picture, and the big picture is this: Almost all meat production in the United States is cruel.”

Duck, Duck, Goose

A judge has overturned California’s foie gras ban, reports the Los Angeles Times. While animal rights groups vowed to appeal the ruling, chefs were celebrating:

“‘It feels a little like December of 1933,’ tweeted Providence chef Michael Cimarusti, referring to the end of Prohibition.”