Stoked About Sprouts

Echoing an earlier article at The Kitchn, Russ Parsons says Brussels sprouts are experiencing something of a cultural renaissance:

“Has there ever been a more remarkable reversal of image? Brussels sprouts, not so long ago derided as nothing more than a funky little cabbage, are suddenly sexy. You can’t pick up a gastropub menu that doesn’t include some variation of roasted sprouts, or a sprout salad of some kind. And they are rapidly working their way up the food chain. What’s next? Brussels sprouts as the new foie gras?”

“More Than Just Tiny Cabbages”

The Kitchn says Brussels sprouts have been unfairly maligned:

“Let’s face it: Brussels sprouts have always had a bad rap, mainly because they used to be boiled to death, which made them sulfurous and just unpleasant to eat. Undercooking them is just as much of a crime, but if you can find the delicate balance of cooking them until tender but not mushy, or dressing shaved raw Brussels sprouts with a bright dressing, they are truly delicious.”