Made in America

American Chinese food has arrived in China, reports Daniela Galarza:

“A year and a half ago, Fung Lam and Dave Rossi opened a location of Fortune Cookie, a restaurant based on Lam’s family’s restaurant, in Shanghai. Today, Fortune Cookie serves ‘sweet-and-sour pork, General Tso’s chicken, orange chicken, chow mein, crab rangoon,’ and other dishes that the former classmates say cannot otherwise be found in Shanghai today.

“Fung’s family runs Chinese restaurants ‘from Brooklyn to Texas’ so the venture is partly a family affair. As they discovered when they first opened, finding ingredients to cook Americanized Chinese food in China is tricky. They have been importing certain ingredients in order to give dishes that ‘American-ized flavor.’ Heinz ketchup is used in the sweet-and-sour recipes; the fried noodles contain Skippy brand peanut butter.”